My neck kit

Gothenburg, Sweden
Made this neck-kit out of scraps. It holds fire steel, canister with matches and my razor sharp pocket WoodsKnife.

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Awesome and compact, for a real outdoorsman, well done mate!
Thank you very much!
Love it! - also the neat little Woodsknife... Thanks for sharing!
Proffsjob menar jag
Tackar hjärtligast!
Snygg, du har gjort ett proffskontrakt.
Tackar, tackar!
Nice. I assume you punched the drain hole after stretching to shape, but do you make a wood form or just stretch over the item to be held? Or maybe you make it flat, then force the tin inside after soaking?
Depends on the object. In this case the canister was sturdy so I wet molded it directly on it. Sometimes I use wooden pieces if the object is weak. I did the hole afterwards. It's also big enough for a regular pen so that I can push the canister out if it would be stuck.