Rounded Out EDC

Kissimmee, Florida
These are the things that go with me every time I walk out the door. Three more items that are part of this EDC but that are not in the picture are a black pebble steel watch, a fishtail paracord bracelet, and a condor operators cap.

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Is your charger made by Nomad? I ordered the Insanix version recently, and it didn't work.
Honestly, I have no idea. It was a gift. I mainly use it for charging my headphones on the go.
Whats under the iPhone? It's marked as the case, is it like a phone stand?
It is an iPhone stand. It came with the case. I usually keep it in my wallet. I find it very useful, when I'm mixing, to set it on or next to my sound board.
What's the nail like thing above the mini fishing tool?
I'm a christian, so it's just a reminder that Jesus sacrificed his life for me.
hows the comfort and quality on your bluetooth buds? cheers.
The quality is good. Not great, but they're what you would expect from 30 dollar headphones. They're rather responsive and have very well rounded bass. The comfort is great. Of course they can always be improved upon by buying foam buds. I find that the buds that come with them work fine.