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KeyVault, the ultimate keyholder is now live on Indiegogo. The reason behind the Indiegogo campaign is to start mass production of the product. The design is completed and the prototype is in full swing. As Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform where many startups have successfully carried out their ideas into reality and many people searches for new and innovative products. So KeyVault is also moving towards its next step, manufacturing, and to provide a unique keyholder that everyone loves.

The KeyVault will transform your cluster of keys into a neatly organized stack, in your order of preference, allowing you to find the key needed without hassle. The keyholder will protect your belongings such as smartphones from key scratches. The KeyVault also includes several other features such as USB key, multi tools, etc. The KeyVault keyholder is an innovative and unique design that everyone can carry everywhere without the jingling sounds.

KeyVault aims to change the way that people carry their keys. KeyVault Keyholder not only looks good, but also easy to use and carry. Some of the reasons to fall head over heels for KeyVault includes slim feature of 26mm that avoid lumps in your jeans, comfortable that makes easy on your hands, durable as it’s made of stainless steel, intuitive, flexible and lots more. The KeyVault Keyholder also includes 32GB USB that helps you carries your digital files and caters upto 12 standard keys. For larger keys or for extra keys, the KeyVault keyholder contain a ring to allow.

There are many keyholder in the market and among various keyholder, KeyVault is one of the best keyholder that will keep your keys in organized stack and also contain USB and multi tool for various purposes. KeyVault had launched its campaign on Indiegogo to get funding for its production. To grab the opportunity, visit the campaign at https://igg.me/at/keyvault/ and choose your suitable perks.

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