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Self reliance is overlooked these days but I beleve it's important to take your life in to your own hands. It's about more than just your gear, its about having the skills to use it all. A KNIFE can open boxes but it can also make friction fire, shelter building, and primitive water purification MUCH MUCH easier. With a little extra knowledges and skill this simple tool gives you amazing power. I like to apply this mindset to every item I carry to help supercharge my EDC.

Bags are to easily put down and then forgotten when emergency strikes. You are much less likely to lose your pants or something strapped directly to your body (like a watch or neck knife) so this is where I like to focus my best most vital gear. I like to adopt a mindset of only carrying what fits in my 5 pocket jeans and strapped to my body. This keeps my carry light and minimal.
Just because I design my carry to helpe survive any situation (even emergency or survival situations) doesn't mean it can't be sleek, stylish, seamlessly fit in to my every day life.

" A well trained person needs only a knife to survive"

-Mors Kochanski

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