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After numerous changes, finally settled on this as my EDC. I really enjoy the OWB holster, after carrying a shield in a DeSantis Cozy Partner IWB, I could never get comfortable with it, so after many hours of research settled on the Ventcore and couldn't be happier.

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Sorry for taking so long to answer, but just saw your comment. But yes, I am seriously considering moving to the Mod 2. Have you shot the Mod 2, and do you like it?
Still carry the 9C? Any plans on looking at the Mod 2 compact? Different sized gun overall, but more comfortable in hand. If you're running the finger extension mag, might as well get 2 more rounds, right?

Great concise carry. Thanks for sharing.
Its pretty cool how you can mouse over the items and it sends you to Amazon where you can purchase the item....the only bad thing is you realize how much you overpaid for a watch that's half the price it was when you bought it, and its only been 1-1/2 years....