Weekend Carry

Landscaper (age 24)
Kentwood, LA
Here lately this has kinda been my go to carry. Less "tactical" and more natural and vintage. The Opinel is something I have been messing with. Very fun, cost efficient hobby. I will most likely do one or two more in the future. Enjoy guys and gals.

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i love that matchsafe you have there Justin ...i love brass and i dig old vintage stuff like that ...VERY cool !!
Thanks man. I got that off eBay. It was a lot of 3. Never been able to find another one.
i need to show you some of my work Justin ...do you have a facebook ...if so hit me up on there an ill send you some pics of the stuff i make ...i am pretty sure you'll dig it.... https://www.facebook.com/danny.burgess.946

Sorry man I don't have any kind of social media unless you count this one as social media. What kind of stuff do you make?
ill post some pics of s few of the things i do ..just keep your eyes peeled !!
Hell yea. Sounds good to me.
ok bud...i posted a collage of a few of the pieces i have done ...please tell me what you think !!
Excellent Opinel. I like the sheepsfoot. Just got a new "blank" and am going to do something similar to yours or a cleaner version of the one I modified and currently carry. Leaning towards the former now. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks man. Yea i didn't realize how fun it is to mod an Opinel. Really fun and cost effective hobby. Now I just need to add a clip to mine like yours. I think that's the only thing I have left to do to this one.
My clip is a bent bicycle spoke. I have a lot of them lying around and they work great for all sorts of projects.
Brilliant! You did a really solid job with that. I would have never thought that's what it was. You're definitely better at this than I am. Really Impressive.
This is an awesome carry! I'm digging the glider and sheepsfoot opinel mod!
Thanks man. I messed up the blade and had to settle for a sheepsfoot. I tried to make a cleaver. That will be my next project.