Concealed carry EDC

I only carry when I'm wearing cargo pants. (I'm almost always wearing cargo pants) long story short, I'm a bit on the tubby side and inside the waistband carry isn't practical when you're fighting saddlebags and a gut. So I discovered that my pistol fits perfectly in my pants cargo pocket. I know that's not something any professional would recommend but it works really well for me. My pocket sits high enough on my leg that I can quietly and quickly open my pocket and draw my pistol while pulling the mag from my left rear pocket simultaneously. (I keep my pistol unloaded since I carry it in an area that sees a lot of movement) The pistol itself I highly recommend. I'm not a pew professional (obviously) but this is a very affordable and reliable firearm. It's comfortable in my hands, has night sights, and it's not cumbersome in any way. And this is an easy way to start a fight but I prefer it being a 9mm.15+1. Easy to accurately put rounds on a target in a hurry if need be and with minimal recoil. And as for the knife, it has served me very well. I've beat it to death and it still functions perfectly. It's getting worn out but to this day have no complaints about it. The flashlight is nothing fancy, cost next to nothing on amazon and it's extremely handy. Not super durable but it gets the job done. I intend to buy a better led flashlight in the future. Thinking surefire. The watch I bought simply because I liked it. Has ratcheting bezel for land nav and is waterproof. There's other watches with more options I also intend to buy in the future, but I'm very happy with this one for the time being. Think that about sums it up for this kit.

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