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Chicago, IL
Since the fascist republic of California (To be fair, they aren't much worse than my home state of Illinois) doesn't allow me to carry a firearm I opt for the compact Mace OC spray with UV dye. Take that Berkeley. That's the biggest change from EDC at home where I add a SW Bodyguard 380 or KelTec P11 depending on cover garment.

The Cryo, Citizen, Keysmart and Shard are getting to look like they have been dragged all over Mandelore. If you break any of these you tried hard. I got the Cryo the week it came out I don't even know how long I have had it now. I got the Shard that same year. Citizen over 3 yrs? KS about a year an and a half.

The DU Wally is really breaking in now just over a year old. Pretty stout. I was worried that it just looked cool. Not just looks, pal.

Magpul case is combat grade and wearing that and a tempered glass screen protector, my 5s has stumbled off the roof of a speeding Subaru a couple times. Nothing but scratches.

The Fisher Space Pen is cool, but to be honest, I have never had one over 2 yrs without someone murphing it from me. I cannot speak to the longevity of these. This last one I got seems a lot cheaper than my last.

The Hugsby is a little clickey and too small for my hand comfort YMMV. If I had to use it, in the dark with OC spray or firearm, I don't know how well i would do with it under stress. Under normal work abuse, it's pretty good. Small and lightweight enough that I won't "forget" to pocket it in the morning. If or when it fails I'll probably go with one a little longer.

Hanky and comb, will probably outlive me. The Hanky is Amish, the Comb Suavecito bought it at Schwab's on Beale, a couple years ago it keeps coming back to me...

Thanks for looking! Hey, if you have a small multi tool that you would buy again if you lost it or maybe go into a creek after it if you dropped it... Let a brother know. Since the death of my Gerber Clutch I have an empty space...

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