Everything I Own (40L Bag)

Full Video: https://youtu.be/mgPYNF32RGc

Early last year I made the conscious decision to reduce the amount of stuff that I own, because as they say 'tidy house, tidy mind'. At first it was quite difficult to let go of material belongings as they often had sentimental value or were too shiny and cool (I like gadgets) but after a while it became almost therapeutic. I found that there is some truth to the old saying after all and that the more I reduced, the easier things became, everything had it's place and I knew where everything was... Suddenly I was more focused and was able to streamline my work processes. Whilst I appreciate that this lifestyle isn't for everyone, it is a liberating feeling to know that you can quite literally pack your entire life into a backpack and go wherever the mood takes you. I'm looking forward to some incredible adventures this year :)

Michael Tierney

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Thanks for sharing. I think this is a really neat approach. I do the small-house lifestyle, but this is way beyond that. I once thought of doing an anthropological project where I would ask people to hypothetically whittle down their list of possessions to 100. You've actually done it (or more)! RIght on.
So you were naked when you took this picture with your friend's camera? Just playing...thanks for sharing. Interesting concept and I am somewhat envious.