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Hi, may i know how you feel about the edc leather pocket organizer you have? I'm interested in the design but I'm not sure if it fits my pocket. I usually wear jeans.
I love the concept and design, but I have found it to be a little thick for front pocket carry when fully loaded. I had been using a ridge wallet previously which is pretty thin in comparison. If you wear the tighter jeans which are in fashion currently it might be a tight squeeze.
Hi Sean, ya I am afraid of thick pocket but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
I don't have any experience with Zebralight. I see a few people here and there carry one. How do you like your SC52L2?
I love it. It's my second Zebralight. The output is more than adequate, the user interface is "different" maybe not the best. The ergonomics fit my needs: bezel down, screw on clip, side button, AA power.
Sounds Iike my kind of light. I'm with you. I'm a bezel down kinda guy. It also looks cool and different. Thanks for the reply and your opinion. I'm a bit of flashlight collector. Might have to get me a Zebralight here soon.