Updated EDC for 2017

Manila, Philippines
I love black on my EDC, and this is what I usually carry on a day to day basis. I change it up sometimes depending on the clothes I wear and the place where I'll be. But I never leave home without a blade, a lighter, a torch and a multi-tool of some kind. I'm still trying to keep my carry to a minimal but so far this is as light as I can come up with. Let's keep on prepping!

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I need that tactical pen! Where'd you get it?
I too am a fan!!
What kind of battery do you use in your S1A? If it's AA how do you find the brightness? Overall what's it like?
Interesting idea to use knives to make custom key holders!
Nice setup! Where can I find that mini bic lighter case?
Your edc looks like to me something I would have for the weekend outting, that is a nice setup you have.