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A good backpack can go a long way, but sometimes even a small daypack can be overkill. Not to mention, you usually have to do a mini shuffle to sling it off your shoulder just to get to your gear. For short trips and lighter loads, you might want something that’s easier to carry, like Topo Designs' new Quick Pack. Whether you choose to carry it across your shoulder or close to the hip, you'll have quick access to all your essentials.

As the name implies, the Quick Pack lets you get to your gear quicker. Because it puts your most important gear right at your side, Topo Designs had to make it durable and versatile enough for EDC. Lining the pack, you'll find 400D pack cloth as well as highly water-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon at the base.

The larger compartment is perfect for storing EDC items that don’t fit in your pockets, like a notebook or water bottle. You’ll also find a slip pocket in that main compartment for quick access to important items like your phone or wallet. On the outside, there’s a smaller zippered pocket with another slip pocket inside, so there’s no shortage of organization here. The exterior pocket also has a handy clip to secure your keys, saving even more pocket space. The oversized YKK zippers found on both compartments come with colorful paracord loops so you can easily find them even when visibility is poor.

Everyone carries a little differently, and this compact 6L pack comes with plenty of options. You'll get a comfortable shoulder strap, bike loops, as well as travel bag attachment loops. Like many Topo Design products, the Quick Pack comes in a few different color combinations so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. If you’re tired of carrying big packs for short trips, definitely check out the Quick Pack by clicking the link below.


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That manufacturer's tag! Maybe white/grey over black? Or smaller?
The product's website shows a belt sewn to the reverse side. I think this also works as a huge fanny pack.
It's not that bad, just not for me. I'm stuck between Tactical and gray man. Depends on the mood.
Ill take a pass. Doesn't look comfy to carry. Id rather stick to a leather satchel or a one shoulder sling. Not for me.
This is a total ugly femme purse. Seriously? If you're gonna carry a Man-bag, look at more attractive options of the same size from companies like Scaramanga leather satchels or Nutsac satchels.
Yeah cause nutsac sounds so much better....
It does if you have a sense of humor!