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Contents of the Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Bag will be a later post.

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Out of curiosity, do you ever have instances where the magazine releases when shooting the P938? I had a P938 Scorpion for a while but it would disengage frequently for me. Especially the 7 round mag, though the 6 round mag did on occasion too. A friend who also had a 938 experienced the same problem from time to time. It apparantly is a problem with some P238 and P938s.
No, I've put 3k+ through it without any form of incident, malfunction or issue. It sounds like a hand placement issue where your thumbs are pointing downwards instead of upwards.
No, it wasn't a grip problem. There are multiple forum discussions about the issue. My gunsmith said he had a p238 come in with the problem too. He also attributed it to the customer's grip because he could never recreate the problem on the 238. I let him fire mine, and it failed for him too about 20 rounds in. He agreed it that it was releasing on its own and suggested I call Sig. But Sig was going to charge me to fix it, so I ended up selling it. Which sucks, cause I really liked the Scorpion finish, and it was a good gun. That one was just not dependable for carry.
Never had that issue or have I ever heard of it from any owner or article. The 938 is a Mustang clone and I never had that issue with my Mustang. They both are baby 1911s and I sure haven't had that ever happen to any of mine. Like I said I'm 3000+ rounds in with my 938 with zero issues.