"What do you need that man purse for?" -- My EDC Satchel loadout.

Hey guys, I figured I would show you a peek not only into my pockets but into my EDC bag when I don't need a computer. whenever I go anywhere a few of my friends tease me about my "man purse" but I'm fine with that and I figured you guys would understand. I really like this loadout and before you ask, yes there are no sheath knives or larger lights in here, but I have one word for you, school. I got my Gerber Diesel approved so I'm good with that and my S1R pushes 900 lumens so no need for a larger light.

Don't make fun of me for the coast headlamp I ordered an H1R Nova from Olight but it has yet to come in....

see you guys next time, carry on.

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