Song and Smoke

Modern Shaman (age 56)
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Not your every day carry, but for me it's more so than it seems. These are some of my passions and indulgences, and some go with me more than you would think. The djembe is hardest to pack, has a cord handle and usually stays at home or the back yard. The flute is easy to carry and take it with me outside often. The didgeridoo and Hapi drum have travel bags, and when I was a chef at a restaurant would bring them to work with me every day, and got many requests from customers to play them. The peace pipe is mainly for a group of people for a celebration or ceremony, and is used a such. The small Dr Grabow pipe is used when I want a quick smoke outside. The moontrance tobacco is my preferred smoke and is very pleasing, even my wife likes it. Most used are the didge and the Hapi drum on a daily basis.

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Rising above the ash tree, to the abyss of the shadows.
as above, so below; as within, so without. Life is what we experience, might as well enjoy it along the way.