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Modern Shaman (age 56)
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Used to have a CC permit and carried occasionally, now my gun mostly stays home for protection. The small Jaguar knife has been with me for many years and was my EDC knife when I was a chef, used for light duty. Got tired of it and my keys wearing a spot on my pocket so switched to clips. Shuffle II is a nice light utility knife. Kershaw Cryo felt a little small for my EDC but the wife likes it and takes it with her. I rotate between the Cryo II and the ZT for my EDC. And the kitchen knife? When I was a chef this was my favorite knife and would go to work with me daily wrapped in a cloth. If I had only one knife in my kitchen, this would be it, and I've had some way more expensive knives that don't compare to this one.

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That Jaguar one is an awesome knife. I had that when I was in college (nicked from my dad's. Haha). Small, a bit sharp, and long-lasting considering it's a 'Jaguar'. That particular design is rare, right? I can't seem to find one anywhere.
This one is rather old, I picked it up at a local NAPA parts store about 15 years ago. I think they still make them but changed the design a bit. stays on my desk at home now due to no pocket clip, but still a nice knife if you keep it sharp.