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When you hear the name Fisher Space Pen, it's hard to not think of their iconic Bullet Pen. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, but for some, actually writing with it leaves something to be desired. Fisher's newest offering, the Clutch, is a full-sized pen designed specifically with hard-use in mind.

The Clutch was designed for use in the oil field industry, so each feature is suitable for the harshest of conditions. The pen’s anodized black aluminum body nicely complements the hefty hexagonal grip. The shape of the grip makes it easy to hold onto, whether with bare hands or while wearing gloves. And don’t worry, there’s still one of Fisher’s popular write-anywhere refill inside. It extends with a solid click mechanism so you don’t have to fuss with a cap to get writing. There’s also a sturdy steel pocket clip that’ll keep them pen securely in your pocket.

If you’ve been looking to add (or upgrade) your EDC pen, the Clutch is an excellent option. You can pick one up for yourself at the link below.

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Can't deny, this is exciting to me. I've been trying to find a new pen for a while now. I had two Zebra F-701 Space Pens that quit on me (I suspect it was dirt that clogged the mechanism). I found a few that looked sort of okay, this seems better, though.
Have you seen the blog post where it walks you through how to use the mechanism from the F-402 to make the F-701 essentially an "all metal" pen? Seems like it would be more hard wearing tham the OEM plastic mechanism. I'm thinking of picking up an F-402 tomorrow to try it out.
I definitely haven't. I'll have to check that out. Thanks to the info! Maybe I can use my dead F-701 pens after all! Haha.
Looks nice and sturdy will be checking it out!!
Ouch, $50 SIMOLEON!