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Jakarta, Indonesia
Things that stays in my pocket, except the Dogfish, been carrying it around my neck for like 5-6 years, switched it once in a while of course, and a good friend for a morning run.

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Did you make the paracord bracelet yourself?
Nope, I bought it from someone in instagram, and it's a custom order :)
can you tell me where did you buy that bracelet?
Sure, it's @goldmountain70 on instagram :)
Hey Tyler! What do you use the Dogfish for? I got one a couple years back too, but it was so tiny I just threw it in the drawer. At that size a folder seemed more appropriate to me.
Hey there, not Hey Tyler... Lol!
Lol that auto-correct !
It's a daily beater for me, it's pretty lightweight, low-profile under the shirt, the sheep's foot blade is pretty "friendly" for the people around me and I can use it as a prybar if I have to without worry, and less maintenance or cleaning of course.