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All I need and want to carry on the weekend. I'm an amateur with but greatly enjoy both. My camera is one of my favourite posessions, and has traveled with me all over the world. If I don't have my face behind the camera, it's probably behind a book.

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Bro!....Nice to see a Ukulele on here. I've got a Mitchell MU-70 and a Lanikia LU22. I hope to eventually get a Lanikai Hawaiian Made Solid Koa Super Concert Ukulele in Natural. But at $1200+ it'll be a good bit before I pull the trigger on that.
A great many of us would love to get our hands on a true Hawaiian made solid Koa, I'd love a Ko'olau myself but yea when 1200+ is an entry price... it's hard to justify. My lanikai was $300. I sprung for a set of Gotoh tuners, but it wasn't needed. It has a beautiful tone. What else can I ask for in an instrument? Maybe one day right? For now, I'm not sure IM good enough to justify, even if my wallet didn't protest too much. We can dream though. :)
Music and photography, a nice combo!
Thanks mate. Wish I could get behind the lens more often than just the weekends, but then the cost of film would probably drive me broke!
Where can I get a handful of those picks?