April 2017 EDC

Bookseller (age 25)
Basel, Switzerland
As always, I try to keep my EDC as light (850g / 30oz) and minimalistic as possible, without having to sustain a loss in terms of functionality and looks.

I was carrying the 'Rickshaw PocketDoJo' for about six solid months and finally updated my sleeve/cover a few days ago. I got a Field Notes cover by 'Wishbone Goods', which features sturdy and durable full grain vegetable tanned leather, a pen sleeve, four card slots as well as a hidden pocket for miscellaneous paperwork or cash.

I've also been rockin' my own Nomad Hanks 'Cinco de Mayo' handkerchiefs, which are made out of 100% kona cotton.

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First of all, Great setup!!
How do you like your ARKTYPE PMK? Have the two parts ever come loose on you when you didn't want them to?
Hey Dean, thanks for the kind words!

I really love the 'PMK' (been carrying it for about 6 months now) and no, it did never come loose by itself, not even once!

My only concern with it is, that it's really easy for someone else to take it away from you: One small pull at the paracord and the snap shackle detaches from your beltloop and your keys & gear are gone...

you could also take of that piece of paracord, so that it would't be that obvious, that it is meant for pulling ✌

It's still a winner in my opinion though

Take care!
Good info. Thanks for the reply. And I've been eyeing WE Knives for a while. I'll have one soon.
No worries, Dean! Uhh, which one do you get? Cheers
Still trying to decide.
What knife is that?
Hi Luigi, thanks for asking!

The knife is from the company 'WE Knife', a rather new company based in China. The model number/name is '617a'.

It features a D2 steel blade, G10 handles, titanium back spacer, pocket clip & hardware, ceramic ball bearing washers, as well as a stainless steel liner lock.

The 617a is one of there more budget friendly knives (G10 handles) almost every other features titanium handles, which adds about $100 to the price.

Inexpenisve knives are about $100ish, the others can reach from $200-$300 or so.

(BTW: They now make spinners too!)
This is one of my absolute favorite minimal setups for 2017!
Thank you Aaron! I try to cover all my bases, while still maintaining a lightweigt setup.