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I don't just jump on the the first thing I see. I normally shop around and review items before I even considered making the purchase. The Southern Grind Spider Monkey was one of those purchases. I've been looking and this knife since they first came out and really seriously considered purchasing one December of 2016. Well April 2017 I finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. What can I say, this knife exceeds all expectations that I could have possibly had for it. Do yourself a favor and get one.

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That is a beautiful knife. I can wait to get one.
It is well worth it. I was honestly surprised at just how good it is. The more I use it and carry it the more I keep asking "Why did I wait so long?". I've owned custom folders that were $600 - $1000+. The Spider Monkey has impressed me. From materials to fit and finish to design. This one is definitely part of my permanent rotation.