Spyderco Manix 2 light weight. My go to knife for almost everything.

Welder (age 27)
Pittsburg, CA
The Spyderco Manix 2 light weight. I remember when i had first seen a photo of this knife. The "see through" color of the translucent blue FRCP ( fiber-glass reinforced co-polymer) glowed blue in the evening sun of the photograph. From that moment i knew i had to have this knife, everything from the leaf shape blade to the handle shape and color and the ball bearing locking action, i was hooked. As the name implies the knife is very light in weight (roughly 2.8 oz) especially for its actual size. This knife open measures at 8 inches open, and around 4"5/8 closed. The blade measures at 3 inches and is made from BD1 steel, this is my first knife in that steel and i have yet to have any problems with it, its sharp and pointy like a knife should be. The light weight, good sized blade, and functionality of this blade has made this knife my go to knife for most of my EDC. The blade may be large for urban carry, however the Manix 2 is so versatile and can still be used as a edc blade, and for me is the perfect knife for camping, hiking, fishing and i am sure other activities. With all that said, I can say that i am simply happy about my decision to add the manix 2 to my collection.

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