Tool EDC

EMT/CPT (age 29)
Some of the lesser, 2/3rd Line gear that tackles most small tasks.

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EDC? hahahahahaha
Yup, all fits in that pouch and gets tossed in my pack.
Okay. Most of the stuff makes sense to me when applied to an EMT kit. However, I'm dying of curiosity. What do you use bailing wire and a catspaw for? I imagine the wire to putting people together, and the catspaw as a splint or pulling ribs back into place...
This is my "fix it"kit. It tackles general life problems that pop up and need fixing, from house hold to anything. Shit breaks all the time. Most of this stuff will provide a quick temporary fix until a real fix can be made. The bailing wire I keep in the kit, from a trick I learned in Bootcamp. If you pull all the inner strands out of the paracord and use it to sheath a piece of wire, you can tie down small items.