Coyote Brown and Ranger Green carry

Modern Shaman (age 56)
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Just got the Gerber and been carrying it around on my belt for most of the day. I really like the Gerber, seems solid, great grip and feel, carry's well on my belt and stays in place well and deploys with one hand. At a quarter of the price of the ZT, I won't mind beating it up a bit.

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Gerber makes great fixed blades...I still have/carry my LMF..They integrate well with LBE gear and don't require a ton of maintenance...And like ya said, you can beat the hell out of them and not sweat it..Should serve you well for many years.
I didn't have a fixed blade and needed one for my BOB, should get some moderate use this summer. I have no doubt the blade will hold up well, lets see about the rubber grip on the handle.