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These Northwoods are awesome, wonderful knives...
Lucky who gets his hands on one.
I have got a two-bladed Madison Barlow in blue camelbone.
Love traditional knives!
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Yeah, Northies are great knives and one of my favorite brands. They're made by GEC for Northwoods aka Knives Ship Free in extremely limited batches. Quality and fit and are spot on as is the price for what you are getting.
Didn´t Derek want to start other production lines?
For me over here in Europe it is nearly impossible to get my hands on them. Lucky that there are some of the traditional Solingen manufacturers are left, which quality is equal to the Northwoods , but a lot better in price. Is a German knife for you as expensive as an American for me? With customs and taxes it came on
300$, for which I can get a handmade from a maker...
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Yeah I believe he did at one point but they relocated there HQ and they didn't pursue it. No, the American made blades are still more expensive. We don't get raped by taxes like VAT and Customs etc. We still pay taxes just not like they drag you guys through the coals though.