Bug Out Bag - 101

Modern Shaman (age 56)
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Been putting this together for about a month now, lots of it I already had and the rest I purchased. This is the basic kit, I have space to add food, water, guns if needed. Anything I didn't want to get wet/dusty I put in zip lock bags. It's actually nice to have so many supplies in one spot, I hate when I'm trying to find something and can't remember where I put it, this helps! Total weight with food, water and a gun is just under 20 lbs., very carryable with the shoulder strap, but might change to a back pack in the future, not sure. Great to grab and go for a day trip, camping, or real emergency if needed.

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Solid. Suggest iodine, tetracycline, sturdy needle and bank line, quicklot or celox, trioxane packets or wet fire equivalent, and.ESEE/Randall's cards...
always a work in progress if you do it right.
Chance favors the prepared mind. You've covered a broad spectrum of essetials.
I make small dual purpose kits,...Altoids tin or equivalent, standard cotton balls thoroughly coated in Vaseline or preferred petroleum products/Neosporin or preferred product/and wooden matchtip blue sulfur. They ignite with just about any method and burn for a good 3-5 minutes, giving you ample time to get a tinder going as well as being useful for first aid. If you have a sulfur allergy, obviously forego the sulfur. Cost is less than $5 per kit and takes all of 10 minutes to produce.
Thanks! Will give it a try, fun to experiment!
A smallish dryfly, Basha or patrol poncho would also be most beneficial...Trash bags will only get you so far, and can be retasked. Tinfoil in your fire kit too...Cheap solution for soggy fire conditions...
Thanks, all good additions, been thinking about some of them. I watched a video of a guy pack his BOB for a few day hike, didn't see any TP, oh well!
I guess he thinks that's what socks are for?!?