My Everyday Carry

Effingham, IL
I do IT work for a large company. I handle day to day messenging and desktop computer tasks. Not pictured is my Dell work laptop and my laptop bag. I did not include it since I leave it at work EOD Friday. My most used items are my leather legal planner, Swiss champ and nitecore flashlight. Being in IT I constantly make notes in meetings and working on things. Those little field notes and such fill up too fast plus I get free legal pads at work. My favorite item has to be the Swiss champ, it just does everything. I carried a tinker small for years and I found it lacking. With the champ I rarely need extra tools. Honestly the champ weighing in at 6.5 ounces is lighter than carrying a dedicated knife, Leatherman and a small Swiss army knife like I used too. The Hoo too travel router is sweet it does a lot of things. Most importantly it charges my phone and flashlight if needed. I travel a lot so the hotspot functionality is handy.

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