International EDC from the port of Antwerp

Longshoreman (age 41)
Antwerp Belgium
Remember the thrill you got as a kid when you received your very first knife?
Well I guess men will be boys forever because hey! I still know the feeling every
morning when I gear up for the day! I carry the stuff I carry because it gives me pleasure,
simple as that. My father taught me to be a gentleman and to be prepared and never to forget to be a scoundrel as well! I hope my kit represents that and maybe it gives some of you guys some new ideas. Hearty greetings to Pavel from PicaroonTools whose shop I can't recommend enough and to everybody else remember what old Jack Burton used to say ' it's all in the reflexes!'

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Very nice EDC. You have quite a collection of unique whats-a-ma-jigs.
Love the ring mate!!
So i just found this post and i cant express how happy you made me ! Thank you for the kind words and i hope my tools serve you well !