The Felt Clip Variation

North Carolina
I came up with this idea after reading "How to Carry a Fisher Space Pen 8 Different Ways" by Bernard Capulong. The eighth way, "With a Binder Clip", accredited to fellow Everyday Carry reader Christopher K, was my favorite. But I found that my Trekker (a thinner than average space pen) did not fit snugly into the clip. I was also concerned the metal edges of the clip might scratch my beautiful space pen!
All you need is super glue, scissors, cotton swabs, a few scraps of felt, and ordinary binder clips!
1. cut off a small piece of felt
2. line the inside edges of a binder clip with super glue
3. stuff the felt into the clip
4. use cotton swabs to push the felt into the corners of the clip
5. trim off the excess felt and you're done!

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Ah! Now I understand why other EDCers carry a binder clip with their not pad. Very nice, I'll be using this!!!
Thanks Aaron, I'm glad you like it!