day off carry ....

Electrician (age 46)
Forney, Texas
did some fishing today an this is a quick shot of what i was carrying

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For how long is that largemouth bass in your EDC, sir?
HAHAHA....RIGHT....just long enough to get a pic and release him back into my pond ...i'll admit though i am guilty of carrying 1 or 2 up to the house every now an then to put in the pan !!
Wise man! :)
I guess you never know when you will need to defend yourself from ill tempered mutated sea bass.

i live on a working farm ,we have lots of live stock, cattle,goats, chickens ,guinea fowl ,among other things pets etc.all of which are under a pretty constant threat of predation by wild dogs ,bobcats ,coyotes, raccoon and we also have a issues with crop destruction by feral hogs so its not at all uncommon for me to carry a rifle and or a handgun with me on the property .
HAHAHA...great video clip btw !!