Streamlined, Casual Carries

I didn't really like how my previous submission turned out so I decided to make a new one, with proper lighting, a nicer background, and a couple small updates to my EDC.

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Great looking carry, perfectly balanced. Can you tell me where you carry everything? I'm trying to decide on a good way to carry my own gear.
My phone and my Para 2 go in my left front pocket, my wallet and Wave in my right front pocket (the P10 and my Wave are interchangeable depending of length of time and time of day I'm out). Then my keys go on a carabiner that hooks on my left side and slots right into my left back pocket. The Bic lighter sits nicely inside the small pouch above the right front pocket. Lastly, my pen slots right into my right back pocket, sitting as far forward as possible.
Thanks for the reply!