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Just got the zebra f-701 and thought I'd share it with you fellas. I think for 2017 they changed a part of the pen but I'm not sure what. If you know I would appreciate yah telling me.

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nice watch Nick....i see you have the same avatar/profile pic on the watch ...THAT my friend is VERY cool ...i am in the market for a good watch but i will admit i am having a tough time of it ...i dont want to get something cheap but at the same time i am VERY hard on my EDC especially things that are attached to me like a watch for example ...i live on a working farm and i work construction so it HAS to be a durable 1st and foremost ..id love to have something as nice as the 1 you have here but i think i am going to end up with something like a G-SHOCK for the simple fact that if i damage it i wont feel to guilty !
Yes I agree with getting a G-shock. I've had mine for 4 years using the same battery. I used to be a bricklayer and banged mine up quite a bit but there's no scratches on the face. And it was only £60 so bargain
wow...that makes a pretty good case for the G-shock ....if it survived with you being a brick layer then i am pretty sure it'll do for me on the farm and at work etc....great page btw !!
LAMA!!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VYEMBboFGwA
Hahaha Jimmy neutron out of nowhere
Bro I miss that show.
Me too buddy... 😫