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Ontario rat 2

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What is this blades main purpose in your daily use? I've been thinking about picking one up and using it as a duty/ utility knife, mostly just all the tasks like opening packages and such that I don't want to use my defensive blade for. Do you use yours in that way? If so, does it get the job done?
Yes indeed I use it to open boxes, letter and cut cardboard to sort them.
The blade cuts super well, there is no play in the blade
Al is right-- I have an OKC RAT 2 (mine has the stainless colored blade) and I am using it as my true "daily carry" knife at the moment. It is not perfect but it is a nice little knife, especially for the price. It is something you wont feel guilty about beating up on. It comes out of the package very sharp and with a nice point, so it is great for opening boxes.

It has an edge that is going to be easy to sharpen since it isn't serrated or a recurve and is AUS-8 steel, so don't feel bad beating up the edge-- just sharpen it back up.

My only dislike is that the knife I received is somewhat difficult to open, although I have seen other RAT 2s that are much easier to open so that might have just been a fluke QC issue? Both practice and loosening haven't helped in my instance. Also I understand the version with the black blade, it is just paint and so will start to wear off quickly with use. The black pocket clip is also painted and has begun to wear.
Thanks to both of you guys. Definetly going to look into getting one of these