Police Officer Off-Duty EDC

I like to be prepared, but as minimalist as I can be comfortably.

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All your bases covered nicely. Straight drop with wing. Appendix carry?
Yep. I stumbled onto Stay Ready Gear. They have amazing prices and even better customer service. Informed me right away that i had to wait an extra week due to a shipping mess up in getting the APLc in. I told him it was fine and I'll wait. Sent to me the same day the light came in. They even threw in a mag caddy for free.
Good choice for a weapon light.
I thoroughly enjoy this light. Except when I'm a cheapo and shoot cheap dirty ammo and the lens gets a tad crusty. Nothing a little rubbing alcohol won't fix.
Nice carry, I am digging your pistol/light/holster setup. You should consider taking advantage of your LEO credentials to upgrade that Gerber 06 to an 06 AUTO.
The Propel Auto and Benchmade Griptilian are next on my list of knives