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Electrician (age 46)
Forney, Texas
heres just a few of the things i made Justin ...every piece is different even i have made it before ..copper ,brass and titanium are the materials i work with !

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That's freaking awesome. You ain't playing around. That's some serious work. I Like those brass keychains especially. That prytool is sick. I feel like working with brass is a challenge from the little I know of brass. What got you into making stuff like that?
i got started about 4-5 years ago making some ID tags for a group i belongyo an it just sort of progressed from there ...i got more and more request's to make the ID tags an other different stuff l... the lighters i kinda just started doing because i wanted a custom zippo for myself and some of the other pieces just sorta came natural ,,,,i already do alot of welding and brazing here on the farm so alot of it just came naturally ...i enjoy working with copper brass an titanium ...though the titanium is a bit of a challenge simply because its hard as all hell but the reward is worth the extra work put in at least to me ...if you see something you like lemme know an ill hook you up !!