Deployment to Guam 2017 EDC

Gulfport, MS

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I have been thinking of getting the gerber tactical pen you have. How do you like it? any complaints?
I really like it, I bought it because I lost my Kley Zion tactical pen. The only complaint I have is where the glass breaker is, its right on the tip and can get in the way when you are trying to write. I carry it every day clipped in my front left pocket and it's always there when I need it. This is the first Gerber product I actually like.
I had not thought about that point getting in the way. Is it hard to find refills for?
Phisher space pen refills or Rite in the Rain refills
It comes with rite in the rain which writes just fine
you get both on Amazon for about $5
I get them at my NEX for about $4