Basics, All black with touches of carbon...

Salesman (age 48)
Rodez, France
Hardcore EDC, my basics. Can’t leave home without them. Sometimes I carry another knife or another watch, but these are my basics.

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Any instructions on creating the wallet?
What do you wish : I can send you a blueprint, what I used ( materials and tools ), and the process...
Thanks ROUX, everything if that's ok.
Hi ROUX I too would like the details on the wallet and some on the Vic. I have a Vic I need new scales put on. Very nice carry. The DIY looks great.
How can I share those with you ?
if you can use Google Drive or something similar and share with jermaine.holloway@ gmail.com that'd be perfect.
I’m on the road theses days, and my iPad can’t remember my Google Drive password, but I’ll do that this week-end. Thanx for your interest...
Here are the links for blueprint, stuff and process : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-tHeGwKRmo4MzM1Q0IzVG96MDQ
Thanks again for your interest and let me see your job, Jermaine.
what makes this 'hardcore'?
I mean it’s the very core of my équipement. Seldom leave home without those...
Love the scales on the Spartan!!
This is clean. I like it.