Metro Detriot

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:) nice photo !
Love the dead fish! Your a master of your trade Sir!
Thank you, sir ! If you havent checked my new designs please feel free to take a look :D and here's and coupon code for 30% permanent discount - ' 30OFF '.
Is that Griptilan in 20cv. How do you like you Griptilan because I am thinking of buying one? That silver dollar is cool I am in coin collecting, are you?
It is and I like it a lot! It's the perfect middle ground knife, not to big and not to small. I have been picking up some silver lately since prices are cheaper than usual, mostly 1 ounce coins though...I see your in construction, what kind?
I am planning on getting one really nice folder with good steel. I am thinking about getting a Griptilian. Also, I am into coin collecting and got some silver. My job is basic electrical wiring on buildings.
Simple, clean, great.
Thanks Joe!
How do you like that Grafton Pen? Sturdy build? Was thinking about getting one.
I like it a lot, its not too thick like a few of the bolt action pens I have so its easy to write with. Really light too...I'd say go for it!
why carry such a coin around? Isn't it worth like $40?
I think it's around $25 right now and its funny in my business how much is determined on a coin flip...so in a nut shell I like to mix it up with some vintage coins from time to time.
I also carry "such a coin" around, but my Morgan is an 1888. I carry it around because it was my father's and it reminds me of him.
It's always nice to have something like that to bring back some good memories...