Minimal edc makes the best edc ( my typical opinion)

Welder (age 27)
Pittsburg, CA
Often you look at people's "pocket dumps" and you see some folks carry like 3 knives and a full sized multi tool, lighter with matches, 2 flash lights and a keychain multi tool. I often think of these as "overkill" as far as everyday carry goes. I only see the advantage of so much bulk in a outdoors camping or survival situation. ( to a degree too much redundant weight is bad sometimes)

For today being a summer Saturday these three items did the job for me. I have blade and driving access from my Pioneer and my lynch nw all access pass pry tool was the champion of opening my beers. The coin is all fun. And best off all these items did no weight me down or hinder my festivities. Making the bbq I was at today all the more enjoyable. Like my dad would tell me before... "sometimes, less is more"

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