Best Budget Fixed & Folder Combo

If you hunt around you can pick up both for around $40-$50. Both are extreme value for their price. You just will be hard pressed to beat this pair at their prices. Price aside, they are both really nice blades and earned their place in my EDC and outdoor collection.

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As a fellow RAT II carrier, I noticed you often include yours as your go-to knife in your EDC. In your opinion how does the OKC RAT II compare to the ESEE Zancudo?

My understanding is that ESEE branched off of OKC and they fill a similar niche in the market so I have always wondered how the two brands stack up against one another...
Personally I find the OKC offerings lacking compared to ESEE. Fit & finish and just feel aren't quite on par.
So it sounds like ESEE is the value knife maker and OKC is sort of the bargain ESEE. I do like my Rat II and a big part of that is because of how cheap it was and how little I care if I abuse it. But it definitely has its short comings. I will have to pick up an ESEE one of these days...

Thanks for the insight!
mora always a good option, great carbon steel knife. and the price is right +1
ps- pairs are available/ebay, >25 dollars