How to Make Your EDC More Lightweight


In the quest for the perfect EDC, you might've run into a familiar problem: carrying more and more useful gear until suddenly it becomes too much of a good thing. Sure, there's something to be said about backups and larger tools for bigger jobs. But for everyday tasks, keeping it light and simple is the key to an efficient loadout you wouldn't think twice about carrying.

Which begs the question…

How do you keep your EDC lighter and more effective?

It's not always about picking the smallest and the lightest gear, but rather streamlining your carry to cover all your bases without adding unnecessary bulk.

Today we're showcasing excellent examples from our readers of how they do it so you can get a few ideas to make your EDC lighter in the pocket while still keeping you prepared.


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This reader keeps his carry as light as possible by opting for lightweight but strong materials like carbon fiber and titanium.


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For the office, this reader keeps it light with a minimalist carbon fiber wallet, a knife with lightweight FRN scales, a compact flashlight, and a skeletonized multitool to cut down on the ounces.


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This submitter pairs a custom keychain with slim and light tools for a pocket-friendly and street-legal EDC.


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This reader keeps it simple by keeping his carry consolidated to a minimalist wallet and multi-tool.


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Nothing like sticking to the basics to get the job done while freeing up pocket space.

How do you lighten your loadout? Sound off in the comments below!

Header photo submitted by Felix.

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I carry a full sized multi tool on my belt using a pocket clip. Most days I have to touch it at least once just to make sure it didn't fall off. It really is unnoticeable. Now if only the 3 tiny items on my keychain didn't jingle jangle and occasionally poke my leg.

As for lightning up the EDC I see several multi tools and single blade knives in the examples. I suppose with so many folks here carrying multiple blades and multi tools it probably is hard to find a truly lightweight none redundant setup.
Big Skinny and Magpul both make nice synthetic wallets.
Anyone know the pen featured in the first image next to the Victorinox?
It's the same as in the last user-submitted carry, a Caran D'ache Original Ballpoint 849.
Also the the "pen" beside the SAK is a Mininch Tool Pen. Here's the post where the image is from:
I think synthetic materials are underrated. If you can get past looks, consider plastic scales on your knife, resin for your watch bands, and nylon wallets. Big Skinny and Magpul both make nice synthetic wallets.
I'm a bit fan of synthetic materials myself--much easier to clean as well! Most times I'll trade off extra aesthetic (like patina or exotic materials) for that convenience.
Thanks for posting this Mike, it has given me pause to consider the junk that has accumulated in my pockets. I've found that as the summer progresses and the odd jobs around the house get tackled the pocket tools seem to pile up. Time to weed through the paraphernalia and toss the stuff I may only use once in a blue moon.