Everyday watches, compiled

the Dagaz, a modded Citizen, is worn on the way to work, replaced with the Timex, then worn again on the way home&throughout the evening. This is my favorite. The Timex is a workhorse watch and appreciated as such, its nicks&scratches add to my appreciation of it.

the MWC as the Dagaz, less rigorously.

the Pulsar is large, limiting its wear.

the Accutron on Saturday nights/social occasions. It hums audibly at 360hz.

all keep accurate time, I'd recommend any.

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...all within 10 seconds of each other. That's impressive. I can barely get my atomic G-Shocks that close to one another.
they gain, each, about 2-3 seconds a day. the Timex keeps closer. I think I loused up the set on the Dagaz riding the train Thursday AM (used the subway car digital that has no seconds)
Nice collection