What Everyone Should Carry

Everyone needs to carry a trauma kit. Whether it's small or immense you should be carrying one with you everyday everywhere you go. If it's not possible to carry the whole kit everyone needs to carry a tourniquet on them at all times. A tourniquet is small non-bulky and extremely easy to carry. It's better to have carried something and not needed it especially as important as a tourniquet or trauma kit then to need one and not have it. Also everyone should take a basic First Aid course to include CPR.

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Great kit. I'd also include a CPR barrier
That's in my big bag.
It's really sad that how many people don't know how to do CPR and it is not that difficult to learn especially now with the new standards. It cost virtually nothing to get certified and is priceless to know. I just wish more people would learn how to do it. Actually I think it should be mandatory training for all US citizens starting in elementary school. Start by teaching them basic first aid and then as they get older by High School they're learning Advanced Trauma care. I know this will never happen but it should.
You make a valid point. There is a lot of stuff that is required to be taught "just in case you need it". Considering that death and taxes are then only two things in life that are inevitable, it does not make much sense that life saving skills and tax return prep skills aren't mandatory curriculum.