wednesday on the farm carry

Electrician (age 46)
Forney, Texas
quick pocket dump before i make rounds on the property & check on the cattle & the fence's...the rain asscociasted with hurricane Harvey has turned the little drainage creek that cross's the farm into a litteral raging river so i have to ride out an check on them to make sure they are ok an at a safe distance from the crossing flood waters !

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I decided to go with the Rancher instead of the Cowboy.
Love that AG Russel! Ordering one today. Still liking the 938? Out of all my pistols (12) the 938 is what I carry (EDC) 99% of the time. I've got near 3500 rounds through mine without a single hiccup of any kind. It's just a solid platform that's fun to shoot for a sub-compact.
i have wanted 1 of those AG RUSSEL rancher folders for AGES...i fiannly broke down an got 1 an WOW ...it was 110% worth it an feels better in hand than i couldve ever hoped or thought ....you WONT be disappointed if you get 1...i think ill probably have to break down an order the rancher just so i have the set ...as far as the sig 938 goes you couldnt have said it bettter ...and its the same with me ...i carry the 938 more than i carry ANY of the other guns i have to chose from [6 auto's an 2 revolvers ] it just disappear's in my waste band and the accuracy out of that little bugger is impressive to say the least which is NOT the case with most if not ALL other handguns of its size ...it has been my go to EDC since the day i brought it home 3 years ago and i have no doubt that i can depend on it to function flawlessly ...it is for sure 1 of the best purchase's i have EVER made ....i am actually getting ready to purchase another 1 just like it [the'' nightmare' version] for my wifes aniversary present !!
The Nightmare is what I've got. I ordered the Rancher today. Can't wait to get it.
HAHAHA...AWESOME ...lemme know when you do i wanna know what you think about it ....i already know your gunna like it though it just feels killer in hand and the quality is just outstanding for the price !!