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Very practical tools and accesories that I use in my everyday carry on my person

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Nice kit! Where did you get the silver clip for the Griptilian? Or did you strip the paint from a black one and polish it?
Yes I strip the paint and polished it you can get it directly from benchmade company thats where I got mine make sure to order the deep pocket clip they offer it in Matt black or polished I got the Matt black but after a while the paint started to wear off so I decided to polish it
Very nice edc! I've a similar setup with a mini griptillian, hitch and timber front wallet/pen/flashlight carrier, and the same fidget spinners. sleek my friend. :)
I use carbon fiber money clip wallet, recommend it!
Smart set up you've got going on there. Especially with the wallet/pen combo how did you attach the pen carry?
Hello and thank you for your comment I bought this on ebayLook at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/282176934022