Weekend Carry away from the Office

Entrepreneur (age 35)
Bradford, PA
Everyday is a slight variation to my EDC. But I can never forget a Notebook and Pen, Sunglasses and a deck of cards to distract my idling mind. Everything I carry has a purpose and is used throughout the day...everyday

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Love the Dan and Dave stuff!
I've carried and collected cards a very long time. After I made the decision to carry D&D in my shop people have really been intrigued with it and its becoming more and more popular. Check the stuff out at gatsbyandbootlegger.com
Ah nice. Ive done card magic and cardistry for years and loved DnD stuff. If youre into that kind of stuff you should look into Ellusionist and Theory11.
Done Sleights for many years so I'm very familiar with those, I personally own nearly all the decks from each. Their entry for an EDC shop is a little more complicated for resale though.
That's a very immature, childish thing to say, in a professional way. Keep your head up kid, you're going places!
Tell me about the hold on that mustache wax wha'doncha'? I use golddachs for the aroma and just a little hold. I may want something a little stouter in my arsenal as well.
Its a medium hold with a pleasant scent. If you want something stronger I would suggest trying their strong hold, they have a couple of flavors.