My current pocket dump.

Maker (age 29)
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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Normally, I'd not even look twice on a Rolex homage with no date.. but DAMN that piece looks amazing.
I feel ya man, this piece is solid cast bronze and honestly the photo just doesn't do it justice. If you haven't taken a look at Ancon you're missing out!
Oh, I have. The price is sky high for me right now, though. I'd still have to have a date complication.
Love the "paperweight"
It's been a conversation piece more times than I can count.
Fantastic pocket dump! That knife is gorgeous!
Thanks Jack, make sure and check out his instagram!! @stelter_edgeworks
Beautiful knife! A real work of art.
Will is young but has honed in his craft. Be sure to check out his instagram!
beautiful watch and the band is killer- who made it?

Band is made from Horween Shell Cordovan and was crafted by Craft and Lore
Really nice gear & excellent composition/photography at work here too. You’ve got skills sir, bravo!
I love your style - The hank, the comb and those dice. Nice!
Cheers Randy! I love my brass, the hank is part of my nerdiness it bears the logo of an old video game franchise. The comb is from a brand called Folkland www.folk.land
I love the dice, those are nifty! Do you know who made them?
Recommend a carbon fiber minimalist wallet!
Leather wallets are the original and best!