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I was actually just looking at purchasing one of those German Trench Lighters on Amazon to replace the peanut lighter I recently lost. The peanut lighter had an O-ring that allowed the cap to seal well enough to keep the lighter fluid from evaporating. I couldn't tell from the reviews how long yours would keep fluid. There's often up to 4-6 weeks between my uses. The peanut would still have fluid and light. Will yours?
Love those peanut lighters, and I don't think (as far as fluid is concerned) there is probably not a better seal out there. I do try to time these things a bit... Peanut lighter wins hands down. It's still early but so far i'm getting about two weeks. The odd thing is that the top cap is really a snuffer more than a sealant from what I see with mine. Yet, it still holds it's fuel pretty long. the other aspect of it is the fluid part of the container has a great seal but of course does not hold that much. I think you are safe if you fill it within one week. I love getting lost in the woods, so I also love the fact that it's a one handed sparker. The spark is pretty solid so I could use it to start fires even if my fuel was out. I bought mine for like $39 from Urban EDC... but there may be better builds out there. I did not research this much, but they are beautiful I think and unique in how they open. Hope this helps!
That does help, and thanks for the quick reply. Your description basically confirmed my assumption. I actually ordered ordered three from Amazon - a peanut w/ integrated clip, a titanium peanut and another version of the trench lighter which I expect will have the same issue w/ fluid retention. I attach the lighter to my Arktype key chain and let it hang outside the pocket as a lanyard. We'll see which two don't make the cut and get returned. If you're curious, this is what I narrowed it down to...

TrueUtility w/ fixed clip

Titanium Peanut

Trench Lighter Alt
Those peanut lighters look awesome. Love the stonewash. If you remember, would love to find out your thoughts on your purchases when you get a chance to put them to the test. Those are great prices, look great, and should last forever. Thanks for sharing.
"If you remember, would love to find out your thoughts on your purchases when you get a chance to put them to the test."