Light, Fire, Pen, and Multitool that all fit in a watch pocket

Toronto, Canada
This is the base of my EDC and the minimum I'll carry when I can't bring a proper knife and my backpack.

The flashlight, lighter, and Swiss Army Knife all fit comfortably in my jeans watch pocket. It's a snug fit, to prevent scratches it's important to sandwich the disposable lighter in the middle as a sacrificial surface.

In my wallet I carry a custom micro first-aid kit and a minimal notebook; a folded sheet of paper printed for free at PocketMod.com

My FAK contains; 1x alcohol pad, 1x Povidone-iodine pad, 1x sheet of Steri-Strip's, 1x cloth bandage, 1x plastic bandage, and half a dog poo bag. Along with a bandana this kit is very capable of tackling almost everything I'm likely to encounter.

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