Winter EDC

I tend to carry more in the winter because I can use my coat / sweatshirt pockets to help carry. Cargo pant help also.

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Ender as in Andrew Wiggin, or totally unrelated?
I was reader Ender’s Game when we got the dog. I found it fitting for him. So we went with it. Good catch.
Awesome! Probably one of my favorite books. Terrible movie.
Have you read the newer series on the first formic wars? They are pretty good as well.
The Second Formic War? I had not heard about it until just now. The last book I read in the Ender Universe was Shadow Puppets. I didn't really care for it, so I haven't looked into anything else. I'll have to take a look.
It starts the whole Enderverse off at the beginning of it all. 6 books total. Earth Unaware (2012), Earth Afire (2013), Earth Awakens (2014), The Swarm (2016), The Hive (scheduled for 2019), The Queens (unknown date). They seem to be better written than the ones set later on.
Sorry, I must have missed this comment. Thank you for the recommendation.
Really like the completeness of your EDC, what hit me was the dog ashes, greatness. what do you have them sealed in? Do you carry any of it in a small bag or backpack or is it all stuffed in cargo pants, jacket, etc.
I live in AZ, so not much of a winter here, so I have a backpack with smaller various bags.
The ashes came with a cremation package through my vet. I have seen similar items online for ashes in a keychain capsule style.

Most of this is in cargo pants and jacket pockets. I just carry the notebook and pens around sometimes. But I do have a "go bag" with a ton of stuff in it that I carry when I have to leave my small rural town. I have been using DSLR camera style backpacks for some time. They have the organizational tools I love. Small compartments, removable and movable dividers, padded for item protection, and most will stand up on their own so I don't have to lean it on something.

While posting this, I did come to the realization I carry too much stuff. I have begun to try and pare down what I carry on my person and move most of this stuff to my backpack.
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